My Locket, A Poem

I am not a poet by any means, but for some reason I felt inspired to write one today. Perhaps my words will help another grieving mother…

My Locket
by Susan Fink

If you should see my locket
And wonder what’s inside
It has my sweet boy’s picture
And words he said before he died.

It also has some ashes,
A tiny lock of hair
Yes, I know he’s in heaven
But I still wish him near.

Unless you’ve lost a child yourself
You can’t possibly understand
How long even one day feels…
Not able to hold his hand.

Of course it’s just an earthly thing
That people grieve about…
The ones they love and think they’ve lost
Time spent on sadness, all for naught.

It’s so much easier said than done,
To be joyful now he’s gone;
Yet we would rather be home with the Lord
Than here on earth, with anyone.

I know.. Gavin won’t ever see this locket. But ‘just in case’ he ever could, that’s why I had it engraved in print rather than script – so he would be able to read it. Foolish mortal, I know I am. But what is more important than making sure those you love, know how much you love them? how much they mean to you? Tell them in every way, every day.



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