Choose God’s Way, Every Day

There is so much that is easy to overlook in the Bible, isn’t there? But when you really read God’s words and begin to see who He is, and feel Him… Every verse is so deliberate and powerful and meaningful.

The other day, as I was having a bit of a hard time fighting back tears and sadness, I had a vision that our lives are like a piece of glass. And really, maybe they are, because our days are predetermined and finite, before we are even born.

On one side of that window of glass is God’s Way, and on the other side of that glass is the human way (the way of the god of this world) . But it’s almost like a mirror image, isn’t it? Because our lives, being that glass, experience and see the exact same things happen, no matter which side we choose to look through it from.

On God’s side of understanding those things is peace, and power through the Holy Spirit, and love, and patience, and acceptance, and purpose and gratitude, and all that’s good. Doesn’t mean we like everything that happens, but through these eyes it all has greater meaning.

Contrarily, to look at things through the eyes of this world brings endless analysis, and guilt, and shame, and grief, and worry, and frustration and futility and resentment and restlessness and dissatisfaction, and all that goes along with looking at things through earthly eyes.

It’s a constant struggle, isn’t it? Because that piece of glass IS US. So, we have to make a choice, don’t we? I try to choose God’s Way… every day.

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