Susan’s Rules for Healthy Eating

Many have asked, so here it is, folks…
Susan’s general, and pretty simple “Rules for Healthy Eating”

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Here are the basic food groups, as I think of them. Yes, we can argue that beans have protein in them too, but I will be calling those a carbohydrate for this purpose today:

FRUIT, is fruit

VEGETABLES are vegetables – I’m talking COLORS and FRESH (celery, carrots, peppers, asparagus, cucumber, etc.)

CARBOHYDRATES are breads, pasta, beans, rice, starchy vegetables such as corn, peas, potatoes, etc.

PROTEIN is ‘something that came from an animal’: eggs, fish, beef, chicken, turkey, etc… Yes, I know meat also includes fat but I’m keeping it simple, remember?

I’m not going to be talking about any added FAT because I think we already all pretty much know that a bunch of butter is bad, but avocado is good. So, you decide 🙂
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Dairy (our bodies can’t digest the protein in it – casein)
Sugar (and artificial sweeteners except Stevia)
Processed Carbohydrates, meats and breads – yes, this also means no Twinkies!
Look at labels… “whole grain” = good, “enriched” = BAD

Processed meat you say? Yes – there’s a difference between “pan roasted turkey off the bone” and salami or “pressed meats”. Yes, I know – my kids love salami too. You know that pressed lunch meat? Avoid it like the plague unless you, like Chevy Chase in the movie Vacation, are in the middle of nowhere and are “so hungry you could eat a sandwich from a gas station”.

Start your day out with some fresh squeezed lemon in a big glass of water… it gets your digestive juices (stomach acid) flowing, and people are notoriously low on stomach acid production.

Best breakfast you can eat is two organic eggs… and maybe some sprouted wheat toast. Those eggs have all the amino acids you need and won’t get your day off to a blood sugar spike with a bunch of carbohydrates. This beginning helps to avoid, by leveling, the start of a “fight or flight” response pattern that is so detrimental to our health. Look it up for yourselves…

Eat fruit alone, with no other foods – 20 minutes before, or one hour after, any other foods. Fruit has much natural sugar in it so it will begin to digest/ferment quickly in the stomach. If you mix it with other food, it’ll ferment that, too. This promotes yeast overgrowth – see my previous posts.

Eat something every 2-3 hours, whether you’re hungry or not. It is more important THAT you eat something, than it is HOW MUCH you eat. Your body needs fuel… give it some on a very regular basis. This also goes along with the blood sugar management reasons I stated above – as the “fight or flight” response really wreaks havoc on the body. Sort of like when your car is spinning out and you try to stop it by turning in, and end up over compensating? Craziness.

Whenever you eat carbohydrates, eat some protein along with it. This helps to level the blood sugar and slow down digestion… avoiding blood sugar spikes. (Seeing a pattern here?)

Eat your last meal of the day, whatever it is, about 2-3 hours before you go to bed at night. Gives your food a chance to digest, and then your body can focus on what it really wants to do while you’re sleeping, which is – rest and restoration, rather than having to also give its energy to digestion.

Eat as many fresh veggies as you can. Know that carrots have a relative high sugar content.

Fast food? That’s a big NO. The only fast food we ever get is in a pinch, and it’s a Turkey Burger from Carl’s Jr. Yes, it’s true.

Big glass of water before bed, and lots in between meals. Water is the second most important nutrient in the body!  What’s the first?  OXYGEN.

There you have it, folks… yes I know… it’s hard to be me!

“But I love ice cream!” Well, it’s dairy and sugar. “What about yogurt?” Well, have you looked at the sugar content on the label? It might shock you. “But, but… my kids always eat cereal with milk in the mornings!!!” Ok, well… that’s processed carbs, dairy and sugar. You decide 🙂

No, I don’t sell any products or endorse any product lines (although I do use DoTerra essential oils myself)… I’m just sharing what I have learned, and what I’ve experienced, because it’s what God has put on my heart to do… and He was real clear about that.

Please “Like” The Amazing Gavin page, and SHARE anything you have found helpful or meaningful… or think would be helpful to others. Our goal is to help people get and stay healthy by strengthening bodies without pharmaceuticals (which only deplete). Thank you!


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