Anxiety… and How You Can Help It

Anxiety is typically caused by adrenal fatigue.

You need vitamins B & C to support your adrenals everyday. If you don’t have enough essential fatty acids in your system you cannot metabolize B vitamins. If you don’t have enough zinc in your system you can’t metabolize essential fatty acids. And if you are hormonally imbalanced because of low thyroid function and therefore low progesterone production, you will not be able to hold onto sufficient zinc…

Have you fed your thyroid yet today???

If you take thyroid hormone replacement drugs such as Synthroid… you know they’re not strengthening your thyroid, right?  They’re fooling your pituitary gland into thinking your thyroid is working properly.  That’s why doses typically only increase, and you never get off them.  Your thyroid needs IODINE, my friends… every day!  And it is not found in the typical American diet – anywhere.  Further, when your thyroid is weak, your Ovaries (for women) or Testes (for men) will be weak, and you won’t make enough progesterone to balance out estrogen production.  Estrogen Dominance is a nightmare… read up on it for yourselves, or reach out to me via comments or email and I will point you to some research.

And as my dear friend and author, Dave Frahm of Frahm Health Solutions says… unbalanced estrogen feeds the yeast in your body on an ongoing basis.

Why do I tell you this?  Because I love you, that’s why.


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