Health & Strength, Through Oxygen

Have you ever heard of Homozon?  I’m talking about the ORIGINAL stuff.

Originating in Germany and used widely in Germany for years from the Institut fur Sauerstoff Heilvahfahren  (Institute for Oxygen Therapy), since its discovery in 1898. It is only recently that it has been introduced in the United States.  There are many imitators, but none even remotely as bio-efficient as the original BLASS OXYGEN THERAPY – HOMOZON.   It is a white powder made primarily from magnesium (Mg) and nascent (freely available) oxygen or ozone.

One of HOMOZON’s chief components is “ozone”, one of the most efficient, powerful oxidizing agents known to man. Ozone is a rarefied and pure form of oxygen. HOMOZON is an inexpensive Oxygen Therapy.  No need for fancy equipment or specialized treatment.  A non-invasive therapy to increase oxygen and magnesium to the cells, tissues and digestive organs.  BLASS OXYGEN THERAPY products are the most effective oral oxygenators found in the world today.

Dr. Otto Warburg, the only person in the history of medicine to win the Nobel Prize twice in medicine (nominated three times) found that any cell deprived of 50% or more of it’s oxygen turned cancerous!  Dr. Warburg suggested for health maintenance, cancer and degenerative disease prevention, to increase the oxygen to the body cells.   Because the true cause of all dis-ease is cellular degeneration and death the end result, keeping the body and it’s components, the cells, in top working order is imperative. There is no better way of detoxifying the body and thereby the system, organs and cells of the body than through enhancing the oxidative/reductive mechanism…or, as Dr. Warburg said, to literally “flood the body with oxygen”.


In the early twentieth century, Dr. Eugene Blass began publishing works, relating disease with improper oxygen intake to the body’s cells. He created several products to help solve this problem. The most effective being the magnesium based powder known as Homozon.  In recent years, Dr. George Freibott has continued on with the ground-breaking discoveries made by Dr. Blass.  Homozon’s principal ingredients are a variety of compounds including magnesium oxide, and magnesium peroxide. These compounds release high amounts of oxygen and ozone when taken internally.  “Flooding the body with oxygen”, in turn assists the oxidation/reduction (redox) mechanism of the cell, making for a greater, more enhanced cellular efficiency and detoxification.

Homozon is mentioned in Ed McCabe‘s book, “Oxygen Therapies,” and “Flood your body with Oxygen” and is one of the most powerful oxygenators yet. Homozon is a white powder meant to be dissolved in water and taken internally for several important reasons. The foremost of which being its’ immense oxidizing properties, as well as its’ effectiveness as a colon cleansing agent. When introduced into the small and large intestine the immense oxidation loosens the fecal matter, thus stripping the colon clean and effectively setting the stage for proper bodily absorption of the newly released oxygen.

HOMOZON is an inexpensive Oxygen Therapy.  No need for fancy equipment or specialized treatment.  A non-invasive therapy to increase oxygen and magnesium to the cells, tissues and digestive organs. Homozon is a compound of Magnesium Oxide and beneficial gases bound by a private process and designed to be released by a catalyst (lemon juice or citric acid).  In order to be healthy, we need oxygenating or oxidizing methods to eliminate the cause of the disease in a natural way. Since the real cause of disease is located mainly in the digestive tract, we must deliver the purifying natural agents to increase oxygen directly to the digestive tract and its surrounding organs which enhances the creation and circulation of normal vital fluids. Only if the digestive passages are clean, can you expect a normal working body or a healthy state of life. To accomplish this requires that every organ in your body be intact and performing its natural and normal function. Refrain from unnecessary surgery and organ removal – DO NOT allow any organ to be taken out of your body. Keep your body in tact, as nature intended. Look for alternatives to cleanse & detoxify.

Ozone’s freely available form is carried by the life-circulating fluids of the body and is one of the most powerful healing agents – if you can get it in your body. The  chemical symbol for ozone is O3 or 3 oxygen atoms in one molecule. It is nature’s most active purifier and destroyer of bacteria, germs, parasites and worms. Oxygen is the most important element of life. Through oxidation (the union of an element with oxygen, as in digestion, burning or rusting), the universe maintains itself and breaks down, then re-builds again. We, of course, find this life-giving element as molecular oxygen or O2 (two atoms in one molecule) in the air. There, it is about 21% by volume. A healthy body can inhale and transport enough to maintain itself in good repair.

A sick or diseased body often cannot make use of oxygen efficiently through inhaling it either normally through our lungs or artificially through oxygen tubes because, in most cases, our bodies don’t have the necessary biological carriers (minerals, nutrients, blood factors) available due to our poor food supply. As a result the oxidation process (digestion) in the body falls short. Acute, chronic and incurable ills result. Fasting, if done, would help because it allows the oxidation of diseased matter. But fasting is limited as oxygen cannot oxidize all disease causing impurities or foreign matter, such as toxins quickly enough. We would starve before the whole process was completed. HOMOZON  and Oxygen Therapies are a convenient and inexpensive alternative to increasing one’s oxygen levels and thereby dissipating the symptoms of dis-ease.

Nikola Tesla, the father of alternating current and literally the twentieth century electrical era, predicted ozone and oxygen therapies as a pollution and malady elimination agent at the turn of the last century!  He also declared electrotherapy, a treatment par exellence during his life and decades before it’s coming use.  Today as never before, we find again his words repeatedly and ironically prophetic.  With ozone quickly becoming the treatment of choice in water purification and high voltage, high frequency dissociation of toxic waste a proven technology, we find Nikola Tesla, not the ‘crackpot once proposed but instead, a judicious scientist ahead of his time.  Unfortunately, ozone with it’s beneficial detoxification and life enhancing qualities has been demeaned, yet vindicated REPEATEDLY, during 80+ years of suppression.  OZONE IS NOT A TOXIC POISONOUS GAS, BUT ACTUALLY AN ACTIVE OXYGEN SCAVENGER WHICH SEEKS TOXICITY IN VIVO (in the body) AND IN VITRO (outside body in test tubes).  OZONE in releasing it’s nascent, active oxygen – seeks and neutralizes heavy metals, toxic substances and metabolic leftovers from the redox (oxidation reduction) mechanism of cellular respiration and elimination.

Recently, the FDA and other such suppressive organizations have been trying to malign the beneficial and life sustaining qualities of Ozone and Oxygen Therapies by telling the public that Ozone is poisonous and detrimental to the body. THIS IS NOT TRUE!  For years physicians around the world have used Ozone for bringing palliative and curative results to many, many individuals.  Mexican Cancer Clinics practicing Oxygen/Ozone Therapies are drawing a large quantity of chronically ill Americans to seek alternative cancer remedies and treatment with miraculous success.


HOMOZON is a white powder made primarily from magnesium (Mg) and nascent (freely available) oxygen or ozone. Homozon is a compound of Magnesium Oxide and beneficial gases bound by a private process and designed to be released by a catalyst (lemon juice or citric acid).

The recommended dosage is to stir ¼ to 3 level teaspoons (or more), into six to eight ounces of purified water. Take it one to eight times daily preferably one hour before or one hour after meals or upon retiring. The average maintenance dosage is a teaspoon in the morning and a teaspoon in the evening or in lesser amounts dependent on the individual. Repeated test on Homozon over the past 100 years has found that up to thirty two teaspoons can be consumed in one day with no detrimental effects noted. 

    Homozon is non-toxic, harmless, beneficial, effective and healthful.  Adjusting the dosage accordingly makes it safe and effective for children, elderly, pregnant mothers and pets.

After taking each dose, it is recommended that you follow it by 1 teaspoonful of fresh, pure lemon juice or citric acid in about a half glass of warm, distilled or purified water. The lemon water will provide the acid to activate the Homozon powder into a gaseous state, making ozone. If you have hyperacidity or over active gastric juice, you can eliminate the lemon water the first few times (the first 1 to 3 days). Eventually though, you will need to add the lemon water back in the process as Homozon will probably dissipate this hyper acidic condition in your body. Drinking this will begin to clean off the waste that has accumulated on your digestive tract and will start breaking down the toxic wastes that have collected there.

What Can I Expect After I Take Homozon?

The first effect one can expect while taking Homozon is enhanced excretory function. Commonly noted also is an increase in overall energy. While the increase in bowel function never completely abates, it does ease as cellular toxicity lessens and one remains on the product for some time. Effects do vary between individuals somewhat, but enhanced bowel function and an increase in energy are two of the most noted effects.

You may experience frequent soft stools or diarrhea as a result of taking Homozon. This is how your body is getting rid of the wastes that are being cleaned off your digestive tract. Homozon does NOT cause diarrhea. Increased dosage equals increased bowel function AND improved assimilation. Effects do range from a loose stool to clear water, depending on the dose. Remember this is enhanced oxidation/oxygenation NOT pathological diarrhea with its’ attendant lethargy, dehydration and electrolyte depletion. Homozon increases assimilation and enhances acidophilus and friendly bacteria production; actually repairing bowel function, oxygenating the body, improving blood quality and assisting in parasite elimination. You will not feel depleted or weakened by this healing process. Once your digestive tract is clean, the capillaries, lymph and blood vessels, your organs and other parts of your body will begin to purify and return to health.

Sources:  “Flood Your Body With Oxygen”, Ed McCabe…… and personal experience – I buy and use Homozon myself, for me and my family!

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