Help is On the Way

So you’re not feeling well, you’ve got all these symptoms, and you’re getting all kinds of advice, right?  Things like:

… drink lots of lemon water every morning
… you’ve got to get alkaline
… you just need to start working out and get sweating
… stay away from gluten
… drink more water!
… what you need is our next 30 day detox!
… stay away from meat
… drink more coffee, drink less coffee!
… replenish your electrolytes with this sports drink
… carbohydrates are bad, eat more protein
… you need to eat more greens
… drink these shakes, they’ll balance you
… stay away from sugar, including fruit
… drink lots of distilled water
… don’t drink distilled – it leaches minerals!
… take high doses of vitamin C
… take a detox bath with epsom salts and you’ll feel great
… take a bunch of B12, that’s what you need!
… drink Kangen water or ozonated water
… disease only lives in acidic bodies
… just lose weight… (but how?)
… you need potassium, you need magnesium
… lower your cholesterol
… and stay away from sodium
… cut out the dairy, processed foods and sugar and you’re good
… milk – it does a body good!

OR… You’re doing the same health routine that got you healthy and helped you feel great previously, but now you’re not feeling so good anymore and you don’t understand why.

Are you taking a bunch of supplements but they don’t seem to be making any difference? You’re still tired all the time and you can’t get out of your own way? Or maybe your kids just can’t sit still and your doctor (or school) wants them to be on drugs for hyperactivity? It sounds to me like you’re all missing something to do with the basics.

I’m sure we’ve each heard many of these things in our quest to regain health, but which ones can we believe? Which one’s going to apply to you? I’m sure each of these things worked for someone at some point to help them feel great. But the question is… Which one of these things is going to work for you? For YOUR body?! For your kids?

Why in the world would you guess? When you can be sure.

If your doctor or naturopathic practitioner is not doing Reams (RBTI) pH urine and saliva analysis, you need to ask them why not. I mean, allergy testing sounds like a great idea, and yes, you get a neat printout… but it’s still not going to help you understand WHY you’re allergic to something in the first place. An allergy is not the cause. The dog or the cat is not the cause. The infection is not the cause. No, your gene mutation is not the cause either. Why is that allergy there in the first place? Why is that infection there in the first place? What are you so deficient in that caused that gene to mutate in the first place? Your body is a survivor. It adapts to the environment in which you have put it, and to what you have fed it as fuel. It does what it can with what you give it, and when in survival mode it makes choices and prioritizes, and turns functions off (or back on!) – just like you would, at work or at home.

If you’ve been seeing someone for your health concerns and things do not seem to be getting better, or you’re taking pharmaceuticals with no end in sight… call me or email me and let’s make an appointment to see how your kidneys and your liver are working, whether your digestion is functioning properly, if you’re drinking too much or too little water, and if you’re mineral deficient, and in what minerals? And why?

People don’t drop dead out of the blue. There are nutritional signs in every day bodily functions (and excretions) that your doctor is paying not one bit of attention to.

Stop spending money on supplements that are not working. Stop supporting drug companies and doctors that are not helping your body to get well. Stop throwing spaghetti at the wall hoping something is going to work. If they’re not educating you to help yourself then they’re just selling you stuff. Life is too precious to waste.

I see so clearly now that this type of analysis could have absolutely saved my Gavin’s life, and yet every single doctor we went to missed it – both natural and allopathic. They were too focused on their specialty pet drugs or methods, or trying to sell us a bunch of specialty testing that would take us into the weeds. They could not see the forest for the trees. The basics of life.

No, I’m not a medical doctor and I don’t diagnose diseases. Frankly, I don’t even believe in diseases anymore. Disease labels are something your doctor uses to name a collection of symptoms so they can prescribe you drugs, and then your life insurance company can deny you coverage.

What I can tell you, from a nutritional and toxicity standpoint, is how you can help your own body to help itself, and that is exactly what you must do. Your body is desperately waiting for you to give it what it needs.

Susan Fink, CNHP

(805) 630-7418


5 thoughts on “Help is On the Way

  1. Susan, I am still struggling…I just cannot, for the life of me, choke down Kyo Green. I usually am able to ignore tastes…just not this time. So I am using Nascent iodine, which is helping quite a bit. My diagnosis 20 years ago was Hashimoto’s. Do you know about using iodine itself, on a daily basis? Many if my symptoms have subsided, many are still hanging around. Rather frustrated.


    • Kim, the most important thing I would like to know is what is your pH? Because if it is not within a certain narrow range, you are not even going to be able to assimilate what iodine you do get. Does that make sense? And if you cannot use it because your pH balance is off, it will turn into salt in your body that will now have to be gotten rid of by your system. Also, I would put calcium above even iodine, in the needs Department.


  2. Hey Susan,
    Thanks you so much for posting this!
    I would love to figure out a few things. I need to stabilize my cortisol and I need to loose about 20-25 lbs.
    After reading your post I will be making an appointment to see my dr and have that RBTI test done.
    Look forward to seeing you!
    Thank you for all you do.


    • You’re welcome! I doubt they will do the testing or even know what it is. I do it though, as a naturopathic practitioner. Let me know if you have any questions about it.

      FYI, the Reams testing would basically tell me how you are processing/digesting proteins, the efficiency of your digestion and elimination, it will tell me your internal sugar level whether it’s high or low, which relates to your oxygen levels and ability to utilize vitamin C, susceptibility to infections or parasites… it will tell me whether you are getting rid of dead cells efficiently or holding on to them and give me indications as to blood thickness, heart function, and other things that would really help me help you. It would tell me things about your magnesium and potassium levels as well as calcium and other factors such as whether you need more water or less water, and what minerals you are unable to assimilate, if any, Etc.


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