Why are some of us sick??

OK, so you’re sitting watching TV or maybe reading the latest edition of The Organic Carrot magazine, and wondering why you – or your parents or children or friends or relatives – are sick.

“Oh, we don’t really think we’re ‘sick’, it’s just that we keep getting the flu, or have this rash, or pain, or infection that is always there, or, even after age 25 we still get pimples from ‘adolescent skin.’  And every few weeks our nose starts running, and our athlete’s foot keeps coming back.  We can’t get rid of our horrible breath, or we never have the energy we should have, and our spouse has that pesky ‘yeast thing’, or an abscess that keeps needing to be drained, and recurrent herpes outbreaks.”

I’m no doctor, but just a well read mom who’s been through a nightmare of experiences seeing her very young son be treated for a fungal infection in his lung over the course of years by some EXPERTS at a nationally renowned Children’s Hospital where they loved him and had the best surgeons and the very best drugs for him, until he DIED of toxicity and nutrient malabsorption in November 2014.  For their convenience, it is MY heart, and my husband’s heart, and Gavin’s brothers hearts that break every day without him, not his doctor’s.  So, please don’t construe any of this article as medical advice, but consider the following scenario as a possibility:

You are at war.  The most insidious form of evil imaginable has invaded you.  The enemy has quietly moved into your personal territory and set up headquarters.  They continually send out scout and raiding parties that take over new turf, new parts of your body.  The newly established invaders have connected into your cellular metabolic energy systems and are drawing off your chemistry and Life Force and are diverting and perverting it to their own use.  They actually force you to create more of them.  Yep, ‘you have a cold’.  Or it’s a bacterial, or viral, or yeast, or parasitic infection.

When so many of us constantly have so many symptoms, no one knows what health even IS anymore – so everyone joins the comfort of futility and says, “well, it’s just one of those things we have to put up with during our lifetimes,” as if we should resign ourselves to it.

There is one thing we can say about ALL of the pathogens that invade you and cause you to suffer through a disease – they are foreign to you!  BECAUSE YOU HAVE A LOW OXYGEN CONDITION IN YOUR CELLS, they take hold and start eating parts of you.  Then they reproduce and grow a colony also excreting toxins that make you sick, or sometimes give you a fever, or sore throat, or Arthritis, or Cancer, or AIDS, or Fibromyalgia, or Herpes, or Candida, or a cold, etc.  Since you no longer get enough oxygen from breathing, or from your food, or your water, they can grow in you because of the low oxygen level in your cells.

I mean sure, “WE LIVE”… but only because our bodies were created as marvels of adaptation.  We are quickly finding out that there are limits to the amount of self-imposed abuse and partying and garbage-eating that our bodies can endure.

And as for our environment?  we used to think that the earth was a giant sponge that could soak up anything we threw away, kind of like magic.  Well folks… the sponge is finally full and we’ve run out of that kind of magic.  t=The choice now is between limping along to age 60, or living full happy lives up to 100 and beyond.  Within our little range of lifestyle choices we make the decision between these two extremes many times every day.  What do we put in our mouths? Is it whole foods, rich in nutrition and enzymes as God intended??  or is it processed garbage that looks cute because it’s shaped like fishy crackers or gummy bears or tastes good like pizza, ice cream, sugary sodas, juices or even worse, artificially sweetened stuff that has a shelf life as old as our kids are?

Visit any hospital and you’ll see how most have chosen, and I’m telling you pharmaceutical drugs only ADD to the toxicity.  You need oxygen therapy, my friends.

~ excerpted from “Flood Your Body With Oxygen” by Ed McCabe


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