Who was Gavin?

Hello, and thank you for visiting our page.  Who was the Amazing Gavin, and why will you want to follow our posts here?  Well… Gavin was our 6-year old son, who passed away in November 2014 from complications of Pulmonary Aspergillosis – a fungal infection which spread to his heart, and was complicated by removal of his left lung and the damage it did to his lymphatic and elimination systems.  It didn’t have to be that way.  Despite our desperate heartbreak… we believe with all our hearts that God has a purpose in all things, and works it all together for the good of those who love Him.

It hurts my heart more than I can even express to say that I see so clearly now … Gavin died from cellular toxicity caused by a lifetime of pharmaceuticals, and cellular malnutrition because he was not able to absorb the nutrients of the foods he ate, despite the many whole foods he ate, how active he was, or how many NutriBlasts he drank.  You see, when you have a toxic body – you can take all the vitamins in the world but they won’t be able to get in and be used.  And when you keep putting pharmaceutical drugs into your mouth and into your veins as prescribed by your doctors and ‘specialists’… soon you don’t even have a chance.  Out of necessity, we learned a lifetime of good information about the medical field as a whole, the pharmaceutical industry, how they work, the way they see and treat medical ‘conditions’, as well as a whole bunch of natural remedies even more powerful and better for you… than any pharmaceutical solutions your doctor is prescribing.  Naturopathic Medicine is no ‘alternative’… it’s the ORIGINAL MEDICINE.

I thought it might be a good idea to share with you Gavin’s eulogy in hopes that it might touch your heart and tell you a little bit about who he was.  Thank you for visiting our site.

Mark 12:30-31
‘And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength.’
The second is this, ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

2012 Family

Written November 22, 2014

So, I am looking at the general outline for the “order of service” today that Pastor Mark sent over for me to consider… and I see that word EULOGY. What in the world to say about this amazing, brave, gorgeous, sweet, smart child?

As I sit here this morning before his memorial service and think about all Gavin meant to us, what he meant to me, I am overcome with so many thoughts.

Right from the start, I knew there was something special about this boy. Being the youngest of three children, he had two big brothers to keep up with and BOY DID HE. Pretty early on, we could tell he was going to be the bruiser of the group.

And SO funny. He had funny things he did and said that made us all laugh and smile every single day – right up to the end. He was so smart. Always WAY beyond his age in development and language, and in the way he thought about things and articulated himself. And the way he said it all with that perfect, sweet little mouth made them irresistibly cute. And he had the happiest eyes. His eyes were always smiling. Sometimes all I could do was look at him and kiss him, and take pictures of him. Oh, how I loved to hug and snuggle and smell that boy. I loved to hear his voice in the mornings, and the way when I would put him to bed at night with the light down low… he would hold my face so gently between his little boy hands and kiss me goodnight.
We remember driving places in the car with all three boys being sort of loud and rowdy, Gavin too, well, going places with these boys was always sort of loud and rowdy – and we heard stuff from the back seat that STILL makes us laugh out loud. When we would get out of the car, he still had to unbuckle his car seat while the other two were off and running and he would call after them, “Hey Guys! Wait for your baby brudder!”

Gavin loved cats and was always trying to tell Grandma to get a cat too. One time there was a mouse in her house and Gavin used it as a reason to tell her she needed to get a hundred of them. He knew a good opportunity when he saw it.

Gavin loved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and his favorite was Michelangelo – the funniest one, just like him, AND with the orange mask. That’s why Orange was Gavin’s favorite color.

He loved to read and be read to. Some of his favorite books were anything about Mr. Putter and Tabby, or The Berenstain Bears, and he also loved hearing the stories from his Children’s Bible. When we were in the hospital last summer for all that time, we read through that book from cover to cover at least twice. His favorite chapter was the one with Jesus’ birth.

Gavin loved to play board games, he loved to color and draw, he loved to bounce in the trampoline and on the rebounder. He loved to swim. He loved his blue blankie and his bunny. He loved to build Legos and he thought his brother Nicholas could build the coolest stuff ever. Any time Gavin had a bad dream he would go into Ryan’s room and I would find them sleeping together in Ryan’s bed. He knew Ryan loved him and would always take care of him.

Gavin was spontaneous and so energetic. But he was also very obedient – especially for a little boy. Just last week, even – if all the boys were playing a video game together and I would tell them “five more minutes” – Gavin would immediately shut his controller down because he didn’t want a hint of trouble. And as he reminded the other two to hurry up and do what mommy said (who were, of course, still trying to eek out every second of their playtime) Gavin would say, “Mommy I already shut mine down and don’t you think they should too?”

Dan and I loved to see him with his brothers, and take pictures of the three of them together. They always interacted together so well. Very affectionate with each other and Gavin looked up to his brothers so much. He loved to go and do all sorts of things but always wanted to do them with his brothers. He loved his daddy, too. He loved to be with his daddy and his brothers together whether it was playing a game or doing something on the computer or building something… and to see all the boys together crawling over daddy or doing something together was just pure joy. No matter how chaotic it was. What ever he was involved with, we knew we were witnessing special times. I could feel it.

At Christmas time 2012, Dan took the kids to see Santa and have their picture taken so they could give it to me as a Christmas gift. When I opened up my present and saw the picture – what stood out to me was Gavin’s eyes. In what had always been those beautiful happy eyes, I had started seeing something different – a tiredness maybe. It was something in his eyes that nobody else saw, but I mentioned it to Dan and to my mom as well, many times in concern, and it wasn’t long after that… that everything changed.

The little voice inside of me, that feeling deep down in my gut, started detecting a major shift in everything our family had known. And almost overnight, Gavin’s whole world became being the face of bravery and strength, rather than simply being “a little boy”. It was really hard to bridge the two.

Over the next 18 months that followed, we all tried to keep life as normal as possible while searching high and low for ways to get him over this infection and heal his body. He did all of it with enthusiasm, if that is possible, that this might be the new normal routine that would get him feeling better. As rough a road as it was, with so many ups and downs that nobody his age should ever have to experience, he never once got up in the morning thinking he would not get better. I tried not to think that when he said, “Mommy, I always want to be little – I don’t want to grow up”, that it had any meaning other than something little kids say.

I know all parents think their kids are special, so in that way we are no different.

Gavin and I had talked many times about when he would get better, or if he would get better, and how it was not something easy to do. But I assured him many times, he would definitely be getting all better, either here at home, or at home in Heaven.

God was with him, and He had a plan, and God would use him in powerful ways to be an example to others. We each have a job to do, and this was his. We celebrated every moment that he felt good.
In the end, his body was just tired – his heart was tired – and it was time to go home. Home to the loving arms that created him and knew his days before he was even born – home to his Heavenly Father.

Gavin’s life was so much bigger than he was. He impacted and inspired so many people with his strength and smile, more than any of us ever knew. Nurses, and doctors too – in fact THEY are the ones who named him “The Amazing Gavin”.

Really, all he wanted to do was be a little boy, but when things changed… he rose to the challenge. He was brave and wanted to do whatever God wanted him to do. And as best we could tell, God wanted him to be a living, breathing testimonial of FAITH and STRENGTH and HOPE that helped others to make the most of any situation, no matter the odds. It didn’t work out like we thought it would, but God’s ways are not our ways. God’s ways are working toward a much bigger purpose than any of us can possibly understand.

So in conclusion… Gavin’s life was much bigger than he was. He was a son, a little brother, a cousin, a grandson, a nephew, a friend… and an inspiration in every way.

I think he would want all of us to know that each of our lives have so much greater a purpose than just what we can see on the surface. We just have to listen to that voice inside that tells us which way to go.
Gavin was happy, and so thankful, to be part of God’s plan.

I am honored to have been his mother.


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