Help is On the Way

The Amazing Gavin

So you’re not feeling well, you’ve got all these symptoms, and you’re getting all kinds of advice, right?  Things like:

… drink lots of lemon water every morning
… you’ve got to get alkaline
… you just need to start working out and get sweating
… stay away from gluten
… drink more water!
… what you need is our next 30 day detox!
… stay away from meat
… drink more coffee, drink less coffee!
… replenish your electrolytes with this sports drink
… carbohydrates are bad, eat more protein
… you need to eat more greens
… drink these shakes, they’ll balance you
… stay away from sugar, including fruit
… drink lots of distilled water
… don’t drink distilled – it leaches minerals!
… take high doses of vitamin C
… take a detox bath with epsom salts and you’ll feel great
… take a bunch of…

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