What Drives Us

It’s been over 7 months now since Gavin died.  So hard to believe.  But just a short while after I said goodbye, a generous friend helped us put together this video.  I’ve learned even so much more since then.

What’s even more important, is that I didn’t know how I was going to communicate all I’d learned – I just knew I had to.  I felt it was something I was supposed to do, almost from the very beginning.

So, a few months ago I was sitting in church… and God said to me, “Susan, I want you to speak to groups of people at churches, and tell them your testimonial, and I want you to teach them what you’ve learned.  I don’t want you to charge them money for the information, I just want you to teach them what you’ve learned.”  And so I will.

As heartbroken as I am (and always will be), I also feel very fortunate.  To have this very specific and important mission is such a tremendous gift of purpose.  In a big way, Gavin lives on through this mission.  His life had such purpose and meaning, and we are already helping so many people with their health, pointing them in the right direction and sharing what we’ve learned… whereas so many don’t even have that.  They just have the terrible loss and the emptiness and the grief of having lost someone they love so much.  We have that too.  But we certainly have been given tremendous direction in which to focus it.

Through it all, God has lit a pathway straight home to Heaven… and for that I will be forever grateful.


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