Vault Post: November 21, 2014

Awake. So sad. Just sad and helpless to this sadness and emptiness that feels something like indigestion pains in my chest as I snuggle with Gavin’s “hugging cross” that his grandma made last time she was out here. A soft reminder of God’s love for us and his gift of Jesus to all of us. Do I believe in these things? YES I DO.

As I lay here in the dark, I remember Gavin’s last breaths. I can’t get the images out of my mind. Helpless at the time to the humans in the back of the ambulance. Trying to calm me down, it was all under control, blah blah blah. Do I think they did anything wrong? No. They’re human. What’s done is done. We are all human. In a way what happened in the back of that ambulance Monday morning was a metaphor for what I had come to see over these last two years of struggle. They did what they knew.

In trying to explain to our kids what happened the other morning, help them put the pieces together, Nicholas asks me, “why did they not just LEAVE the oxygen mask on him, mommy? Between the house and the ambulance? Maybe he would still be here.” Maybe. But looking back, Dan and I could clearly see it was his heart that had been through so much by then it was probably inevitable anyway.

Better questions are: why is it that the ‘smartest’ people in the business (key word-business) are willing to do horrible surgeries and pump our bodies full of chemicals and pharmaceuticals and antibiotics that alter our bodies natural balances and therefore their own ability to recover from illness and infection – but they won’t look at natural remedies despite over a hundred years of written evidence and studies that these things are powerfully effective? Oxygen therapies and colloidal silver are dismissed as ‘voodoo medicine’ by your specialist while they assure you they know the statistics for survival of your condition. Yes they do. Based on THEIR past treatments of your affliction, infection, cancer, whatever.

I remember back before Gavin had his lung surgery he had had a CT scan (radiation), a bronchoscopy, a needle biopsy, and finally an open biopsy to diagnose his infection. Once their drugs didn’t work to stop it they did another CT scan to get a specific picture of what was going on inside him, before sending us down to have a test to determine the effectiveness of his lung capacity… While injected with some kind of nuclear chemical… But it would help them see the blood vessels and capillaries on the screen of just how his capillaries and such were getting the blood and oxygen to all the tiny places in his lungs. We think we are being helped by the best minds because they lead us to think that. Anyone see that exhibit “The Body”? It was amazing… Where do you think they get that info if not from doing stuff on actual living humans?

Yet, “modern” medicine won’t rather try injecting you with active oxygen first, aka your body’s own natural medicine, such as hydrogen peroxide or ozone gas (O3) which are simply OXYGEN?!?! The volumes of research and evidence are HUGE and OUT THERE!

In all their infinite wisdom, they deny the basic truths, and it doesn’t seem to change their ways and methods when you tell them to their faces, either. Our bodies thrive on oxygen and produce their own peroxide and ozone to kill infection and thereby disease. Pathogenic organisms that cause disease cannot live in it. Think about the effect of pouring peroxide on a cut or something, what does it do? The H2O2 separates that extra oxygen molecule off to go kill whatever it is, and reverts to water (H2O) and oxygen (O1). Harmless. Perfect. God’s way. Unfortunately peroxide is cheap and easy. There’s no money in it. They can’t patent it.

For Gavin, by the time I learned all of this, the damage had been done. And our lonely struggle afterward to find ways to get rid of the toxins and remaining infection that had already taken his lung and invaded his heart, took a horrible toll on his body. I am sick inside. In some ways I feel responsible for what happened. We just didn’t know what we didn’t know. And we tried like hell after we did know. Did I do too much? Maybe. I was deathly afraid at that point of doing too little.

Parents I beg you… Educate yourselves. Do not submit your children’s health to doctors that give you drugs like lollipops for every tummy ache or ear infection (most of those are viral anyway and will go away on their own), no matter their logic or persuasive, empathetic ways. Especially us vulnerable parents who have children with immune conditions, or any condition for that matter. I guarantee you as soon as you leave, they are making sure their office keeps score of what they prescribed or what drug they helpfully handed out to you as a sample, so they can get credit for their next vacation from the drug company.

One easy place to start is a book called “Flood Your Body With Oxygen” by Ed McCabe. Full of great information. It’s common sense. Trust yourselves. Educate yourselves. I promise you will not be sorry


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