Why do I write and share what I do?

Shortly after Gavin died last November, a friend made this video for us.  We’ve learned A LOT more since then, and I think it’s time to make another one.  I’ve written a lot and shared a lot.  Lots has happened.  Our hearts still hurt, but we are not broken.  Would you please watch and share?



Gavin’s Mom


3 thoughts on “Why do I write and share what I do?

  1. I just watched the beautiful video about your Amazing Gavin, which I have followed this beautiful boys’ story from day 1 of learning about him. I fell in love with this beautiful child and his Mom, and it makes me so sad to learn of the help that was out there for him that was never told. So thankful that his family is making everyone aware of other options. Thank you for always posting pictures, and such beautiful writings, I cry much when reading, but they are so good for my soul. God Bless you Amazing Gavins’ precious Family.


  2. I am truly touched by the video I just watched about your Amazing Gavin. I know you from Simi Covenant and have been wanting to connect with you. I don’t know how I stumbled onto to this site but I am feeling blessed that I have. I hope we can connect and meet someday. Thank you for what you are doing to help and educate others.


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